Life Skills (Character Education)
There are 10 life skills Van Buskirk highlights during the year. Each life skill will be addressed monthly by the classroom teacher and reinforced through scheduled lessons by the counselor. These life skills will also be the theme for spirit assemblies, as well as the theme for Soy Un Oso Poderoso. Each classroom teacher selects a student monthly to be recognized for outstanding demonstration of a life skill of the month. These students are recognized at the Soy Un Oso Poderoso celebration, Student of the Month. The library has resources highlighting each life skill on display.
Life Skill - Problem Solving
Meaning - Create solutions in difficult everyday situations.
Life Skill - Effect
Meaning - Do your best.
Life Skill - Responsibility
Meaning - Respond appropriately and be responsible for your actions.
Life Skill - Friendship
Meaning - Make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring.
Life Skill - Cooperation
Meaning - Work together toward a common goal.
Life Skill - Tolerance
Meaning - Get along and work with people whose opinions and ways differ from your own.
Life Skill - Initiative
Meaning - Do something because it needs to be done.
Life Skill - Integrity
Meaning - Act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong.
Life Skill - Caring
Meaning - Feel and show concern for others.
Life Skill - Perseverance
Meaning - Stick to a purpose or a goal.
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